Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj: Biography, Sudhanshu Ashram, Vishwa Jagriti Mission - 2023

Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj Biography

Sudhansu Ji Maharaj was born on 2 May 1955 in Haripur village in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. His father Harish Chandra and Mata Kapoori Devi, who gave birth and nurtured her.

Maharaj ji childhood was spent studying in Upanisad, Veda, Gita, Ramayana. After completing the education of Gurukul, School and Maha Vidyalaya then Sudhanshu ji went on a tour of India. Sudhanshu ji Maharaj was very sad to see the living standards and problems of the people of India.

At the same time, Maharaj Ji resolved that he would work only for the welfare of mankind. Therefore, in 1978, Maharajji choose Delhi as his work area.

In 1991, on the holy festival of Ram Navami, he established his new era in the form of Vishwa Jagriti Mission.

Full Name - Acharya Yashpal Sudhanshu Maharaj

Other Name - Shri Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj

Father Name - Harish Chandra

Mother Name - Kapoori Devi

Marital Status: Married

Wife Name - Richa Sudhanshu

Children - Archikha(elder daughter), Ritambhra Chauhan(younger daughter )

Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj

Shri Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj Ashram

The Vishwa Jagriti Mission (VJM) has established its headquarters and head office at Anand Dham Ashram with more than 80 Mandals and Seva Samitis in the country and abroad. 

In these ashrams, the joyful waves of spirituality, positive thoughts and human service are being carried to the people and across the country and have transformed the lives of millions of people in India and abroad.

Sudhanshu Maharaj Ashrams & Temples in India

The whole Ashram was founded by shri sudhanshu ji maharaj which was situated in different cities. Sudhanshu ji temples and ashrams is very quiet and peaceful surrounding that fills your mind with peace.
  • Anand Dham Mandir, Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi
  • Shri Shanidev Navgrah Mandir, Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi
  • Shri Ganesh Mandir, Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi
  • Kailash Shikhar, Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi
  • Omkar Dhyan Kutir, Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi
  • Yagyanshala, Anand Dham Ashram, New Delhi
  • Onkareshwar Mahadev Mandir, Mansarover Garden, New Delhi
  • Shri Somnath Mandir, Panipath, Haryana
  • SiddhShikhar, Siddhi Dham Ashram, Kanpur, Uttar pradesh
  • Siddhi Dham Ashram Mandir, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Siddh Shikhar, Divya Nirmal Dham Ashram, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • GauriShankar Mandir, Shiv Dham Ashram, Panchkula, Haryana
  • Sanatan Dharma Hanuman Mandir, Faridabad, Haryana
  • Vardan Lok Ashram, Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Brahmalok Ashram Mandir, Raipur, Chattisgarh
  • Paawan Dham Ashram, Karnal, Haryana
  • Shri Ram Stambh, Amrit Dham Ashram, Hyderabad
  • Satsang Bhawan, Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Govind Dham Ashram Patiala Punjab
  • Divyalok Ashram, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh

Vishwa Jagriti Mission - 2022

On Ram Navami 24th Nov, 1991, the vishwa jagriti mission was launched by maharaj ji as a small beginning to serve humanity. 

which now after long time of existence has grown into a full fledged organisation serving the down trodden the sick the office and providing education to thousands of needy children. 

Mission is committed to free the society from violence, animosity, sectarianism and other other social evils afflicting our society. 

Mission is moving ahead by setting a benchmark for others to emulate in the field of rendering service to the elders the orphans and to suffering humanity.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission was established keeping in mind the most beautiful cause of human welfare - ‘Nar Sewa Narayan Sewa’ has always been the motto.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission Social Initiatives 

The various social initiatives operational under the one roof  - Vishwa Jagriti Mission

1. Devdoot Balkalyan yojna: Feeding & Educating more than 2000 children and accommodating around 100 orphan

2. Old Aged Home: Being with the elderly people in their last days, who have been left their own children at sudhasu ji maharaj old age home.

3. Health Care Facilities: The Charitable Hospitals run by the mission to serve the community.

4. Cow Shelters & Gaw Seva: Support, Aged and Injured cow to bring better living. Protecting the cows and shelter set up by the mission in different ashrams. 

5. Bhandra: Food distributed being regularly organized in almost all the ashrams and temples.

Vishwa Jagriti Mission: Address, Contact Number, Donation

Here some contact details about VJM such as ashram contact numbers, sudhanshu ashram address and donation details.

Sudhanshu ji maharaj ashram delhi address - Anand Dham AshramBakkarwala Marg, Nangloi, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi 110041, +91 9711991583

Vishwa jagriti mission contact number's - Phone: +91 9711991583, 9582954200, 9312272625, 9312284390
(Toll-Free: 1800 11 8188, WhatsAppNumber: 9711991583)

Donation: As Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj says, Humanity is the biggest Dharma. Your kind act of donation to Vishwa Jagriti Mission (VJM) will make a big difference in someone’s life.

Official Website:

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